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As I learned more, I spent less.

Today, as a grown, college-educated adult, I came home to my parents so I could take my car in to get serviced.

I know how to get there, I have all my documents covered, I just know nothing about cars.

So I come home and my dad still comes with me to this day (like he first did when I was in high school).


Because otherwise they would tell me I needed $2000 of work and I wouldn't know if that was true or not. Do I really need it? Do I even use the feature they want to fix?

Have you ever felt that way? Stuck between feeling taken advantage of or trusting someone is actually helping you out, simply because you don't know about the subject?

That is how I felt when I started my first business too.

I overspent on so many things because I didn't know how to do it myself. OR I was convinced easily by others that I needed things that I ended up never using (and at that point, I had already paid for the annual plan THINKING I was saving money!).

I paid $500 for something in my first business that once I learned how to do on my own, only cost $125.

I don't beat myself up for it - we live and we learn. But there is a HUGE part of me that feels like this is too normal for small business owners.

Just because it 'happens all the time' doesn't mean it needs to be part of the process.

I want to take you from lost & feeling like someone else knows more about your business than you, to an empowered boss who knows exactly what you need and how to get it.

That is the real power - because none of us know how to fix our own cars even if we know a lot about them. But when they come out of the auto shop and they say "we need to fix this", you want to feel confident in saying yes or no.

That is why I created my course. I don't have all the answers, but it is the exact knowledge you need to feel like you know how to start & build your yoga business, and you'll even know the right questions to ask when you need more help.

Honestly, once I put all the pieces together that make up the course for myself (when I was first starting), I felt like anything else my business encountered was no big deal.

  • It is easier to face a grumpy client when you know you have policies in place.

  • It is easier to deal with a slower revenue month when you have a financial plan in place.

  • It is easier to do your taxes when you know how your business is structured.

If you want that peace of mind so you can focus on all of the other tasks that you need to start a business, this course is for you.

The best part? Many of the things you learn you can take with you for the rest of your time as a business owner. Learning them soon saves you money down the line, instead of every year forking over more money to someone else because you still don't have time to figure it out on your own.

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