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Jenny Langer Yoga

Yoga classes & offerings filled with creativity, mobility, and education to keep you moving in life and experiencing life through movement. 

Using a comprehensive knowledge of biomechanical movement & human anatomy combined with mobility and movement therapy from experts, JLY helps you (re)discover movement with joy and confidence.

My mission is to get you moving in the world the way you want & showing you your own ability to get there. 

Ways to join me

Daily yoga classes curated by Jenny to keep you feeling & moving at your best.

What a gift to be able to practice with you at any time, in any place. 

Work with Jenny 1-on-1 to get specific feedback & work on your goals. 

A chance to catch Jenny in person! There aren't many, so make sure to sign-up if you want to join!



“Jenny’s classes make virtual yoga fun, safe, and oh so rewarding! Her cues help me get the most out of class to feel rejuvenated, challenged, and like my practice is improving with each class.  Could not recommend more!”

- Allison L. 

"I started practicing yoga for the first time during the pandemic. Jenny’s clear and calm voice allowed me to advance my practice and this has been transformational in how I view exercise. This is now part of my life. Thank you Jenny."

- Susan, M.

"Jenny’s classes have helped me better understand my posture and movements so much so that it’s prevented unnecessary pain and discomforts I used to have."

- Dan, I. 

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