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Work with Jenny 1-on-1 to help reach your goals, and see a transformation in your body & how you move. Jenny views herself as a movement educator, working with her clients to identify areas of imbalance in the body, areas to strengthen, and retraining the brain and body to work at their best. 

Clients will transform how they move and feel, which translates to a better life off the mat with less pain, more freedom, and being able to do what you love to do!


Private sessions will help:

  • Re-train your body and mind connection through neural mapping

  • Re-train less optimal movement patterns into more optimal patterns that lead to a more sustainable life

  • Improve core strength

  • Improve mobility and posture

  • Better proprioception, balance, stability, body awareness + focus

  • Better breathing

  • Reduce risk of injury and help relieve daily 'aches' and 'pains'

  • Build more efficiency and power in movements for better athletic performance 

  • Give you the tools to move better off the mat & in everyday scenarios


$100 || 60 minute virtual session

$120 || 60-minute in person session (local to Philadelphia area)


Send me an email at to get started!

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